Free Matrix Synth For The Nintendo DS

Free Music Software: Hotelsinus Sound Design has released version 0.23 of TonesynthDS, a free software synth for the Nintendo DS. TonesynthDS combines matrix sequencing with a simple synthesizer.


  • 16×16 pattern editor (16 accord, 16 tone (the scale is selectable), first line is always the C3).
  • 16 different pattern stock.
  • Different volume setting possibility for each accord (in the second editor mode).
  • Adjustable tempo.
  • Possibility to play a pattern looped with the default sound samples or with generated sound samples.
  • With the button X you can clear a pattern (and set the volumes of that pattern to maximum).
  • Sound sample generator. You can listen a test sound with ADSHR, play a continuous test sound without adshr (but you can set the parameters on the fly) or generate the full stock, that will be used by the pattern player. The system is fully usable while you play or generate samples. Although the playing of the pattern will be paused during the generation.
  • For the generation there are two oscilloscopes. Both can generate sinus, saw, rectangle and organ. The frequency of the second oscilloscope can be set relative to the frequency of the first oscilloscope with a slider under that except for the ‘am’ mixing type where you can set the absolute frequency between 0 and 20 hertz.
  • 3 mixing types: Amplitude modulation, ring modulation (the difference is in the base frequency of the second oscilloscope) and cross modulation. For the last one you can set the cross fade factor with the slider under the first oscilloscope.
  • Low pass filter with resonance.
  • ADSHR for the generated samples. The length of the samples are limited to 2 seconds.

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14 thoughts on “Free Matrix Synth For The Nintendo DS

  1. First, you need a RAM cartrige for your DS. There are several manufacturers making them. A really good one will include some sort of USB connector so you can hook the RAM cart to your computer. The computer loads the app onto the RAM cart, you stuff the RAM cart in your DS, and away you go!

    Search google on "DS homebrew", that should provide some more detailed instructions as well as some reviews of the various RAM carts. I was going to post a link to DS Fanboy's (semi) Ultrimate Homebrew Guide, but the site tries to open a couple of pop-ups, so I'm not going to bother.

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