12 thoughts on “How To Create Face-Melting Keytar Solos

  1. I came accorss this and then started to watch it again and again and again. Its got one great hook. I replied to these guys in Youtube and got immediate response, so screw the tape and get into that sound. It is right there, on the spot. I am trying to figure out better methods to prevent the Noise the is created when plugging all these instruments together.
    Anyhow. Thanks for this great stuff!

  2. Is there any way to see you perform LIVE? I would really like to have a little more info. Please.
    Why dont you rackmount the virus. I never really like the rack version but…wow…the sounds you are making are very, very cool. Thanks.

  3. Found this a few days ago and decided now to leave a comment on this platform rather then Youtube. This is one of the best and most fun demonstrations i have seen so far. To be honest, i did not get the point in the beginning, but watching it a few times and cranking it up on good speakers, wow, i have to hand it to them. The demo is a ROCKER. I find some audio problems during the mids. jumps the stereo. Can you guys take care of that? Why do i write so much? Because Music has become such a cheap waste, bet there are some real people still out there cranking it up. I saw that you have dedicated this to John Paul Jones, why dont you all JAM with Them Crooked Vultures.

  4. Hi everyone. This is Ulli and George. We are the ones responsible for this.
    Thanks for all the comments and especially the way people have appreciated our little demo.
    Wow. Thanks so very much. We will post more….it will get louder n meaner.

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