Ambient Synth Jam On A Modular Synth

Sunday Synth Jam: this video captures an ambient synth jam, Annunaki, on a modular synthesizer.

via davidryle:

A live take. Trance induced polyrhythmic ambient piece. It reminded me of something old – hence the name. The Watchers from the Sky. The Annunaki are the ones of Heaven and Earth in the Sumerian lore.

The synthesizer is an Arrick modular.

The delays are a Lexicon MX200 and a T.C.Elecronic D-TWO.

Six oscillators are used. Two are tone generators and four are modifiers. I also used a noise source for the random sample & hold to an instrument interface which generated odd accent timings for the noise source through a Cyndustries Quad Low Pass Gate.

The moving line is the sequencer run through a Suit & Tie Guy Soundlabs Sea Devils diode ladder Filter module.

The monotone drone is through an Arrick Q150 Transistor Ladder Low Pass Filter. The drone timing was designed by using two low frequency oscillators’ pulse waveforms into a Ring modulator (balanced modulator). The syncopated output was sent to an envelope generator that fired the amplifier and filter.

The resonant octave-sweeping sound is a manually modified FM oscillator tone fed through an Arrick Q107 State Variable Filter in band-pass mode.

No attempt was made to synchronize the various oscillators and sequencers. This gave me a polyrhythmic feel that seemed organic.

A Pan/Fade module sweeps the sounds in stereo for a dimensional effect.

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