New MIDI Step Sequencer For Windows


WOK has announced ClockWOrK, a MIDI step sequencer plug-in for Windows that promises to let you create hypnotic sequences like Klaus Schulze or Tangerine Dream.

Here’s an audio demo:


ClockWOrK Features:

  • Clear and easy interface
  • Number of steps selectable (up to 16)
  • Note per step selectable from 3 octaves with display
  • Additional row for velocity or MIDI CC
  • Each step can be muted or skipped (!)
  • Sequence transpose by MIDI input
  • Selectable speed (clock divide)
  • Manual step thru the sequence with button or MIDI key
  • Reset to a specific step manually or on bar start
  • Play only when MIDI key is pressed
  • Random play
  • Supports automation by your host (like “Learn” in Reaper or Energy or Novation Automap)
  • MIDI-ouput; any plugin or synthesizer can be used as sound source

ClockWOrK will be available as a VST instrument plug-in for Windows PC. No release date has been announced.

via rekkerd

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