2010 Bob Moog Foundation Calendar Features Photos From Moog’s Archives


The Bob Moog Foundation has created a calendar celebrating the rich history of the Moog Legacy through vintage photos, memorabilia, quotes and information taken directly from Bob’s archive.

The photos trace pivotal moments in Bob’s early career and highlight musicians and pioneers who inspired his work.

The calendar is $20 in the Foundation shop.


The calendar is comprised of five photos of Moog himself, taken from 1958-1974.

The remaining photos are of:

  • Leon Theremin
  • Vladimir Ussachevsky
  • Herb Deutsch
  • Keith Emerson
  • Paul Beaver and Bernie Krause
  • Isao Tomita
  • Joel Chadabe
  • Roger Powell

Throughout the calendar, Bob’s thoughts and philosophies about his work are shared.

The calendar was designed by graphics artist Rose Hecht in collaboration with the Bob Moog Foundaton.  Through her designs, Rose pays hommage to the original Moog modular synthesizer as the instrument that spawned an industry and radically changed the face of popular music. The background of every page touts panels of knobs and patchbays — images taken from photos of an early modular that was used in Moog’s shop in the 60s.

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