Ambient Synth Jam

Sunday Synth Jam: Skoulaman created this live Berlin School/space music/ambient synthesizer jam.

Details via skoulaman:

Sequenced with an arpeggiator loop from the Kurzweil Midiboard connected with the Kawai k1r and the Waldorf micro Q. The solo vibe sounds are from a Yamaha CX5M computer and the Korg Lamda in combination with a Moogerfooger. Accords played om the Juno 106 and on the Korg Lamda.

4 thoughts on “Ambient Synth Jam

  1. Just listen to the next vid on Youtube, Sunday synthjam, also there wer two other vids with a good Audio recording as mentioned in the Skoulaman Live vid

  2. I did in the next vid "Sunday synth Jam" but nevertheless i did comment in de "Skoulaman Live"vid that a better audio quality was in the other vids "Gozo" and "Skoulariki".

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