Way Out Ware’s iSample 2.0 For The iPhone

Way Out Ware’s Jim Heintz demos iSample 2 (App Store link), and makes some pretty freaky sounds along the way.

Here’s what’s new in iSample 2:

  • sample trimming with pinch to zoom, two finger scrolling and scrubbing
  • sample length quantization
  • loop positioning/viewing screen
  • mixer
  • delay effect
  • a reverb effect,
  • step sequence pattern editor with 12 separate pattern buffers
  • a song mode that allows you to build songs out of patterns
  • WIFI sharing
  • tempo control with tap to set tempo

iSample 2 retails for $9.99.

via wayoutware:


This is a straight take without video edits of an iSample 2.0 demo session by Jim Heintz. It was done using the built in sample bank called Chillbeat 86 that ships with iSample 2.0. This demo shows only a small fraction of the features new to iSample 2.0.

iSample 2.0 is available at the Apple App Store by clicking the following link: http://budurl.com/isamplevid

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