Klaus Schulze’s Timewind

John Dilberto, of the Public Radio International show Echoes, has published a list of 20 Icons of Echoes to celebrate the shows 20th anniversary.

In his profile of Icon Steve Roach, Roach talks about the artist and music that inspired him to choose a life of electronic music making, Klaus Schulze’s Timewind:

I think when I heard Timewind, it was really the album that hit the switch for me.

There’s just a sound and a quality of the sound and a feeling that the sound gave me went so deep and cut through so many layers and was so direct, the experience of that music was so direct, it was so familiar.

Timewind is a 60-minute electronic epic, dedicated to Richard Wagner, that is made up of two (side-long) half-hour tracks, Bayreuth Return and Wahnfried 1883.

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