Inside The RAI Studio Of Musical Phonology

This vintage video takes a look at the RAI Studio of Musical Phonology, a pioneering Italian electronic music studio.

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The concept of studios evolved up to the 1955 design of the Phonology studio in Milan by Luciano Berio and Bruno Maderna.

With nine oscillators, various filters and other sophisticated equipment, the presence of a technician/musician (Marino Zuccheri), the studio was the best equipped in the world at that time.

Marino Zuccheri was the sound engineer of the famous Milan RAI (Italian Broadcasting Company) Electronic Music Studio, and he worked with Berio, Nono, Maderna, Cage, Pousseur among the others, and he gave birth to some of the great masterpieces of early electronica. He was the one who actually knew how to operate the equipment.

Original Luciano Berio’s off-camera commentary: “This is the RAI Studio of Fonologia in Milan, one of the first electronic music studio. There are sound generators, filters, tape recorders, modulators, mixers and also excellent technicians (Marino Zuccheri). Here you can find all you need to produce electronic music in a good mood. It’s necessary when you have to go back and forth on the sound equipment, to do a hundred of manual hand-works and to patiently cut the magnetic tape with the scissors”.

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