The Bongotnik, A Bongo-Playing Analogue Computer

The exotic sciences of ‘mirlitronics’ and ‘mirlisonics’ are probably beyond the comprehension of most.

Undaunted, the Mirlitrons recently decided to move their electron-control experiments into the frequency range of 0 – 40 kHz.

Here, MirlitronOne enumerates the various features of the Bongotnik, a bongo-playing analogue computer from the Mirlisonics Studio. This instrument is based on the Popular Electronics Audio Artist, but with a few “mirlitronic minor modifications”.

It seems that many other singular devices are to be found in the Mirlisonics Studio; several of these are documented at the MirlitronOne channel on YouTube.

If you can further elucidate mirlitronics or mirlisonics, your comments would be welcome.

13 thoughts on “The Bongotnik, A Bongo-Playing Analogue Computer

  1. that guy has a voice made for one shot samples… I can just imagine him giving calm directions to the audience… in that hella sweet accent…

  2. Yes – his true calling may be to make a sample library of choice phrases, rendered with faux British University accent.

    Phrases like:

    "You may dance now."

    "Unleash the bass.", and

    "You can see the doctor in the morning."

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