J. S. Bach’s Air On A G String, For Modular Synthesizer


Sunday Synth Jam: This is a switched on arrangement of J. S. Bach’s Air on a G String for modular synthesizer.

Technical details below.

via justwaving:

This is another classical piece done just using analog sequencers. It uses three Analogue Solutions Oberkorns and a Synthesizers.com Q960. It also uses the Moon Modular M563 Trigger sequencer as well as five sequential switches from Moon, COTK and Doepfer. Synchronising all the sequencers and switches was very time consuming in this patch. The synthesizer is playing on it’s own, all the modulation is done using LFO and sample/hold modules. I originally put a version of this up on the 27th November but I wasn’t happy with it so I deleted it

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