Ambient Album Created Entirely With A Casio CZ-300

Justin Robert’s album 1986 is an album of ambient drone music, created entirely with a Casio CZ-3000.

According to Roberts:

This is a work inspired by the “Oldschool” ambient sound of artists like Steve Roach and Klaus Schulze, also like 1980s ambient music such as the famous Blade Runner soundtrack by Vangelis. I have always been a huge fan of this type of ambient music, and finally got a synthesizer which allows me to make it.

“1986” is straight synthesizer music, with no external FX or computer processing. The computer was only used to record the live performance. The synth I use is the Casio CZ-3000 which is a “Phase Distortion” synthesizer.

You can preview it in the video above. You can download the album at Robert’s site. The album is offered at “name your price”, minimum $3.

1986 doesn’t sound especially like Vangelis, Schulze or Roach to these ears – but Roberts makes the most of the Casio with some creative patching.

via SynthTV

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