Schippmann Music To Close


Schippmann Music, maker of the ebbe und flut MKII effects processor, has announced that it is exiting the music business:

Dear customers!

We are finishing our business. These are the very last units of “ebbe und flut” ever!!

We are thankful for all our satisfied customers.

We will be there for you in support and service in that time after this sale.

Yours sincerely,

Carsten Schippmann (CEO)

This is sad to see. Schippman’s ebbe und flut processor is a nice piece a gear, but it was a relatively new player in a small market, dominated by Sherman.

via MatrixSynth

One thought on “Schippmann Music To Close

  1. how many of these exist in the world? Mine is already worth more than I paid for it (to me), and I only know half the knobs, and haven't used the patching or CV.

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