Ableton Live 8.1 Update Fixes Over 40 Bugs

ableton-live-8Ableton has followed up on yesterday’s announcement that it was refocusing its development on bug fixes with the release of Live 8.1.1, an update that addresses over 40 bugs.

Here’s what’s fixed in 8.1.1:

  1. A very short MIDI note at the beginning of a clip would not be audible. [6130]
  2. Recording via ‘Resampling’ would not properly compensate latency. [6124]
  3. Under certain conditions, it would be possible to get 2 Arranger tracks highlighted. [6144]
  4. Using the Launchpad as control surface and additionally for manual mappings would not always work properly.
  5. When installing Live Packs which have dependencies to other content, Live would show the corresponding message twice. [6153]
  6. Using a Rex file could crash Live. [6157]
  7. ‘lock control surface’ function would not properly work in user remote scripts. [6064]
  8. A particular Live set could not be loaded and would lead to a ‘Invalid Product ID Error’ message. [6165]
  9. In the Arranger, punch In/Out would delay notes by the ‘punch in time’ in beats. [6167]
  10. Using the pads of the Akai MPD18 would not work properly.
  11. Having a Live set with particular Drum Racks could increase the CPU usage of the main thread, which would result in very slow graphical updates. [6181]
  12. Installing a new Library from within a second running instance of Live could crash Live. [6171]
  13. Certain operations like sample crop/reverse/replace would remove the tempo envelope. [6179]
  14. Using Novation’s Launchpad, when switching between Automap and Live control would not work properly.
  15. Under certain conditions, editing or creating parameter automation would not work properly. [6188]
  16. Playing a 32-bit audio file immediately after a 16-bit audio file could cause a click in the audio. [6152]
  17. Moving the last track out of a track group onto a closed group track in the Arranger could crash Live. [6193]
  18. In the Auto Pan device, switching shape to random would not show the ‘Width’ knob. [6192]
  19. Loading a Max device would crash if Pluggo was already active.
  20. It would not be possible to create a new Project in the File Browser if the root is set to ‘Workspace’.
  21. Fine tuning of macro knobs would not work via key modifier. [6180]
  22. Starting clips via the Launchpad while changing parameters via mouse could crash Live. [6143]
  23. Moving the mouse over a certain Sampler preset could crash Live. [6207]
  24. Loading a Live set containing not yet authorized add-ons could crash Live. [6203]
  25. Under certain conditions, fade creation would not work properly. [6195]
  26. An Ableton preset of a third party plug-in would not change the On/Off mapping range. [5652]
  27. Receiving an invalid parameter index from Max could crash Live.
  28. Inverting a macro mapping range would not work properly. [6238]
  29. Under certain conditions, extracting an existing groove from a clip would crash Live. [6235]
  30. Having a Max device sending many blob changes during saving could crash Live.
  31. A malformed database file would interrupt user interactions like renaming files, saving presets, recording, etc. [6230]
  32. Having a particular Live set loaded and searching for media files could crash Live. [6241]
  33. On Mac OS X, under certain conditions, making Live the foreground window could lead to a crash.
  34. The context menu of a frozen clip would have enabled audio fades commands. [6253]
  35. In the Arranger, changing the mixer properties like volume, pan etc. would not show the changed value in the status bar. [3238]
  36. Having a multi selection of Arranger track and use the ‘Show Automation’ command would destroy the selection. [6243]
  37. Choosing a custom VST directory within the preferences would not keep this new directory until the next start of Live if the required rescan leads to a crash. [6190]
  38. On Mac OS X, duplicating a track with Fab Filter Twin 1+2 could crash Live. [6063]
  39. The Looper display would use the wrong colour in ‘play’ mode. [6234]
  40. Holding SHIFT + Space Bar would make the transport play button flicker. [6227]
  41. The area to click on an Arranger clip would be too small by a few pixels. [6261]
  42. Particular Live sets, especially with a lot of transient data, could not be loaded. [6263]
  43. Pasting 3 unstretched and crossfaded Arranger clips could crash Live [6289]

Ableton also documented the changes made in Live 8.1:


  • Updated manuals
  • Updated Help Pages
  • MaxForLive support
  • Filter Delay offers 3 options for smoothing time transitions now.
  • Closed group tracks material (Session view slots or Arrangement “overview”) is now used for clipboard operations, such as copy/paste, duplicate or delete.
  • New Midi-Notes created by clicking always have the length of the current grid even if the grid is off.
  • Consolidate respects empty clip names. Formerly, the consolidated clip would take its name from the first clip in the selected region, or the track’s name if the clip name would be empty. Now, the consolidated clip takes the first clip’s name, regardless whether it is empty.
  • ‘Crop Clip’ is now available in the context menu of the MIDI clip detail view.
  • Double clicking on the Clip Panel header, in the detail view, shows that clip in Session, or Arranger.

Bug fixes in Live 8.1;

  1. The highest MIDI notes can now be played with the computer keyboard. Previously, the higher half octave was not accessible.
  2. Compressor: Monitoring the compressor sidechain would only work when there was a signal at the compressor’s main input. [3977]
  3. Canceling a content package installation could crash Live. [5151]
  4. Deleting all warp markers would not always work properly. [5519]
  5. Doing a time selection via computer keyboard in the clip envelope editor would not show the right info in the status bar.
  6. Dropping a file on a missing file references in the file manager would not work properly.
  7. An envelope for Transpose of a playing clip could affecting another unwarped successively triggered clip.
  8. In some case, the Fade context menu commands would be missing. [5702]
  9. In the file browser, renaming a file would not always work properly. [5798]
  10. The slot selection would not be updated properly when dragging a clip in the Session.
  11. Live could truncates notes in certain MIDI clips when only the velocity would be changed. [5754]
  12. In a particular Live set, audio fades would not work properly with certain clips having envelopes. [5833]
  13. Dragging an arranger clip within the arranger could delete its envelopes. [5825]
  14. Under certain conditions Live would crash when moving clips and having no groove in the groove pool.
  15. Under certain conditions, copy and paste of automations for multiple lanes would not work. [5644]
  16. Under certain conditions, a folded group track would not display the overview for contained clips.
  17. Unsupported multi channel audio files would crash Live. [5995]
  18. When exporting a video file, the resulting video file would grow on each export instead to be replaced. [5996]
  19. On Mac OS X, alias folders in the in the Open/Save dialog would be greyed out. [5998]
  20. Under certain conditions, it was possible to hear 2 session clips from one track at the same time. [6000]
  21. Under certain conditions, copy and paste of Arranger clips would not work properly. [6001]
  22. Operator: LFO knobs would not indicate an existing clip envelope. [6062]
  23. Editing clips could lead to crackles in the audio.
  24. Files on a SMB based network volume could not be renamed within the browser. [6033]
  25. The Spectrum device would not show a spectrum for very short signals. [5940]
  26. Under certain conditions, pasting in the arranger could crash Live.
  27. Freeze would not work properly on tracks with removed ‘stop’ buttons. [6070]
  28. Undo the creating of a breakpoint for Sampler’s filter On/Off switch could crash Live. [6083]
  29. Using a particular audio file with the Complex Pro warp mode would crash Live. [6032]
  30. Splitting clips in arranger could lead to wrong playing.
  31. When double-clicking a session clip while the clip is not visible, it was possible to accidentally move the clip to a different slot. [5974]
  32. Editing pseudo-warp markers on long audio files could let the waveform display disappear.
  33. Start playing a particular arranger clip from certain position would not actually play the clip. [6129]
  34. Dropping a clip onto playing clip would not send the required feedback for control surfaces. [5859]

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