Free Album Features EMS Synthi

EMS-synthiFree Music Friday: The Synthi Group has released The Synthi Group Vol. 2, a free album of tracks featuring the EMS Synthi AKS analog synthesizer:

The Synthi Group is back for the second installment of their ongoing Electronic Music Studio (EMS) instrument centered compilations. With the popularity of Vol. I, downloaded over 41,000 times, it was made clear that an interest exists for the unique sound of EMS machinery. Vol. II continues the DIY ethic of the first, encapsulating a diverse array of sounds from ultrasonic frequencies and spring reverb howls to rubbery logic sequences and colliding inverted ramp oscillators.

The members presenting their own manipulations and interpretations of the Synthi. Encompassing elements from vintage analog, ambient, glitch and experimental, both beginners and aficionados of electronic music alike will find interest in the varying styles presented here. Available through Clinical Archives, the Synthi Group: Vol. II must not be missed. Bleep.

4 thoughts on “Free Album Features EMS Synthi

  1. Personally, I thought it was great. Really good experimental & vintage stuff!!! Are we talking about the same tracks?

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