First Look – Image Line Drumatrix Percussion Synthesizer


Image Line Software has introduced Drumatrix – a percussion modeling instrument that gives you control over 10 physically modeled drums that can be routed to independent outputs for external effects processing.

It’s now in beta, so consider this info preliminary. Also, Image Line says that they may have to rename this to Drumaxx for legal reasons.

Key features:

  • 10 Physically modelled drum pads.
  • Multi-output for individual effects processing on each pad.
  • Huge range of modelling possibilities covering sounds from cymbals to kettle-drums.
  • Velocity modulation matrix for detailed expressiveness.
  • Integrated Stepsequencer with trigger-key playback.
  • Integrated effects.
  • Single-pad version ‘Drumpad’ available for tight integration with FL Studio Stepsequencer


Drumatrix is not based on samples or even commonly used ‘synthesis’ techniques, where oscillators are mixed and the result is ‘electronic’. Drumatrix is a truly ‘modeled’ drum, and not just a single drum, Drumatrix can model bass drums, hi-hats, snares, realistic and electronic sounds. Image Line notes that Drumatrix also “models cymbals & metallic ‘ethnic’ percussion instruments with ease.”

At the core of Drumatrix is a model of the drum-head. Here the vibrating membrane is represented in a mesh of inter-connected of points, each given physical properties, mass, inertia, stiffness, damping and all that good physics stuff. For the musician, this means Drumatrix can model the drum-head with multiple parameters such as material, thickness, tension and even shape. More importantly the parameters can be modulated in real-time as a function of velocity or external controls. The drum body is also modelled, in terms of material, size, vibration damping and shape. All this gives you multi-dimensional performance possibilities, a Matrix of variables providing the almost infinite complexity & subtlety of hitting a real drum.

Pricing is TBA.

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