Moog Taurus III Demo Video

Here’s another nice video, via Sonic State, from the Winter NAMM ShowMoog Music demoing the awesomely powerful Moog Taurus III bass synthesizer.

The new Moog Taurus III pedals have a powerful sound, but also have a modern feature set that take bass pedals into new territory.

If you’ve had a chance to try out the Taurus III pedals, leave a comment with your thoughts!

4 thoughts on “Moog Taurus III Demo Video

  1. Is he stoned? 😀

    The most funny thing is that almost no one is going to actually use a new $2000 Moog Taurus with their feet…even the guy from the company is very careful with those furniture quality pedals…so much money for a controller mechanism that only a few going to use properly…

  2. I think he reads a text somewhere…very funny presentation!! When the introduction finishes he moves his head as a confirmation for the next step…poor guy…he must have been very anxious about this…

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