The Mellotron 4000-D, A Digital Mellotron

NAMM: Mellotron’s Markus Resch introduces the Mellotron 4000-D, a digital Mellotron recreation.

The Mellotron 4000-D is a 24 bit digital uncompressed audio playback unit with ca 100 Mellotron and Chamberlin sounds. Extra cartridges will be available.

It has a custom built wood keyboard with ebony keytops.

he front panel user inteface in the pictures and on the unit presented at NAMM is a prototype version. The screens are of high quality and are capable of showing pictures of the actual instruments. The cabinet of the production model will also be slightly lower.

Any interest in a digital Mellotron?

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Video via SonicState

8 thoughts on “The Mellotron 4000-D, A Digital Mellotron

  1. That raises the question of what makes something a Mellotron.

    Is it the sound? The imperfections of a mechanical mechanism? The external user interface?

    Sounds and looks like a Mellotron, though.

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