Scratch In Ableton Live With Ms. Pinky Revised


This is a demo of Ms. Pinky Revised – a free Max For Live patch – being used to scratch in Ableton Live 8.

via Mastah Lee:

This is a demo of my latest version of the Ms. Pinky Revised patch. Finally, now you can scratch session clips (sort of). Be sure to watch until the end to see a great additional feature.

To download the patch, go to my thread on the Ms. Pinky forums here:

New Features:

  • Select any Live track to use. There is now a drop down menu that allows you to select any track in your Live set to be used, regardless of which track the Ms. Pinky patch is on.
  • You now load clips into Ms. Pinky just by playing their respective session clips. This is a much more intuitive interface than what I had before, and makes it feel more integrated into the Live workflow.
  • One other great feature, but you’ll have to watch the video to find out!

Note: Ms Pinky is a vinyl-control alternative to Serato and Traktor’s offerings, focusing on using standard DJ turntables as generalized controllers in the digital dimension. In other words – more potential power, but less hand-holding.

via CDM

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