Tweaking Tangerine Dream’s Rubycon Bassline

This video captures a little modular tweaking on Tangerine Dream’s bassline from the album Rubycon.

Patch details below.

via davidryle:

This was performed live on a modular synthesizer. The q960 sequencer and Q963 Trigger Bus are employed as well as two switches, 5 oscillators, 3 filters, 2 amplifiers, 4 envelopes, 3 mixers, an Instrument Interface, a Signal Processor, Distributor, Pan fade and Fixed Filter Bank.

Probably overkill, but hey, I gotta try to get a Moog modular sound outta this!

Six stages most of the time from the sequencer with a reset to 4 stages and accents from the Trigger Bus. The Bus also controls the rest beats. An oscillator and STG Sea Devils filter is used to pulse the drone note. Notes are C1, C2, C1,

3 thoughts on “Tweaking Tangerine Dream’s Rubycon Bassline

  1. I don’t know if anyone can help me, BUT has anyone figured out how to use say the MOD V or ANY thing like FM8, Massive, or Absynth to duplicate as best as possible the BASSLINE from RUBYCON, whiich to me is FROESE’s masterpiece or whomever did it, Shultz, etc. I ABSOLUTELY think that STILL stands with ANYTHING out there and since music seems to be circular, I turned my 19 year newphew onto TD, and ELP the other day..he’s a musical magician who has that iinate ability to hear something ONCE and can play it!!! So he was doing LUCKY MAN and I was doing the EMERSON solo or whatnot…even got the ring modulation down beautifully BUT I’m still looking for TD’s RUBYCON, also, I. TOMITA (from the timeless SNOWFLAKES ARE DANCING- his tribute to DeBussy) and items as simple as KRAFTWERK…fahn, fahn, fahn act du autobahn (we’re traveling, traveling, traveling..inter alia..anyway I know this will as stated above have to be done with MASSIVE amounts of OSCILLATORS et al but I don’t care..I yearn to TD…it’s such a bummer…I fell in love with them WAY before RUBYCON..and they were set to do a concert at Pine Knob (now DTE enegry center in Cllarkston, MI..a superb venue..anyway I GOT FIRST ROW SEATS..the problem was back then…in 1977 right after I built my FIRST PAIA nightmare which exploded when plugged into a power source….ANYWAY I WAS THE ONLY ONE WHO BOUGHT TICKETS>…seriously..OMG it was one has to LINE UP to see them….anyway any help would be appreciated….PEACE..OH, just got ARTURIA’s MINIBRUTE which is FUN, but not the MODULAR I wanted, although the one I want my wife and I could purchase quite a NICE new home for the cost…..but I did also purchase MINILAB, which comes with 5000 patches some by FROESE, SHULTZ, and JARRE, etc. lots of FUN…but no RUBYCON…anyway much love and peace fellow EM peeps..

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