Dana Countryman’s Moog-Tastic, Electronic Melodies From The 25th Century

moog-tasticDana Countryman is keeping the switched-on sound of classic Moog music alive and has announced a new album, in the Mooged-out tradition, Moog-Tastic, Electronic Melodies From The 25th Century:

Some of the talented guests who played on the CD are: Ace guitarist Skip Heller, who flew in from L.A., to lay down some groovy bossa nova guitar work on a tune. Favorite drummer Rick Bowen is also on the project, as well as virtuoso theremin player, Holland’s Fay Lovsky. Former Mott The Hoople keyboardist Morgan Fisher contributed a solo, from Tokyo, Japan. Legendary guitar session man Vinnie Bell played his famous “water guitar” for me on a track. New friends, jazz players Kurt Walter and Ike Reeves play vibes and keyboard solos, champion whistler Geert Chatrou does a little whistling, also from Holland, and my project wouldn’t be complete without a musical appearance from my good pal, Jean-Jacques Perrey.

Many of my other talented musician friends also join me on my first solo MOOG CD! Thanks to them all, and to my friends at Oglio Records, with gratitude from yours truly!

Moog-Tastic is scheduled for a May release. See Countryman’s site for previews and details.

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