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If you’ve been interested by the Bliptronic 5000 or the Tenori On but haven’t dived into matrix synthesizers or matrix sequencers yet, you may want to check out Wok’s Blip2000 – a free (donationware) matrix sequencer plug-in for Windows.

Here’s how it works:

Every column corresponds to one step, each line represents a note. Just click the buttons to enable the notes to be played. The orange line runs thru while playing. Select the number of steps to play (2-16), the speed in relation to the host clock, the direction (forward, backward, random etc.). Blip2000 outputs MIDI notes, so you can use your favourite synth (-plugin) as the sound source. MIDI channel, note length and velocity can be set.

With the fields on the left side you can adjust any scale to be played – or use Blip2000 as a drum sequencer!


  • Clear and easy interface.
  • Number of steps selectable (up to 16).
  • Note per line selectable from 3 octaves with display.
  • Several play modes (forward-backward and so on).
  • Syncs to host – clock divider adjustable.
  • Sequence transpose by MIDI input .
  • MIDI ouput channel selectable.
  • Automatable in the DAW.
  • Sequences can be saved as VST plugin presets.
  • Random play.
  • MIDI-ouput; any plugin or synthesizer can be used as sound source.
  • Low on CPU.

Blip2000 is a VST-plugin for Windows. The application is free, but displays a startup “nag” screen. Donating to the developer eliminates the nag screen.

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