Tenori-On + Virus TI Desktop Hypnotic Jam

Saturday Synth Porn: Not sure if it’s the repetitive grooves, the dark mood lighting, the sexy blinky lights or the chilled sounds, but this Tenori-On w/ Virus TI Desktop chillout jam hypnotized me and then made me embed it in a friggin’ blog post.

Note: Don’t hold me responsible if this video hypnotizes you and makes you go out and buy a Tenori On or an Access Virus TI!

via polishbroadcast

5 thoughts on “Tenori-On + Virus TI Desktop Hypnotic Jam

  1. Just actually plugged my TenoriOn into the VirusTI a few days ago! I think the TenoriOn is pretty friggen fun to use. Super inspiring. I can’t wait! 🙂

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