Miditina – Wireless MIDI over WiFi Demo

Miditina is a WiFi-based wireless Concertina-style MIDI Controller for the iPhone and iPod Touch, now in development.

The app doesn’t make any sound itself. It is designed for controlling hardware or software VST-style MIDI synthesizers via a WiFi connection to a Windows or Mac OS X based computer.


It supports several button-to-MIDI note map layouts, including English Concertina (based on my Englitina app), and standard chromatic scales.

For use as a simple 27-button MIDI trigger, two layouts are provided that simply label the buttons with numbers.

Multiple iPhone or iPod Touch devices (up to 16) can run the app simultaneously, each sending messages on its own MIDI channel to the hardware or software synthesizer.

While playing, you may also optionally send real-time volume, expression, modulation, or wind controller MIDI messages by tilting the iPhone/iPod Touch to the right or left.

Miditina requires two pieces of software to do its job. The first is the Miditina app itself, running on your iPhone or iPod Touch.

The other is a small free open-source DSWiFiMIDI server application that you run on your PC or Mac before launching Miditina.

The server application receives the MIDI messages from the app via WiFi, and sends them along to either an external MIDI interface or a loopback MIDI driver to talk to software synthesizers running on the same computer.

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