MIDI Mobilizer, An iPhone MIDI Adapter, Is “The Most Portable MIDI Solution Ever”

Line 6 has officially announced MIDI Mobilizer, the MIDI interface for Apple iPhone and iPod touch – and we’ve got the details and videos.

MIDI Mobilizer is a low-profile piece of hardware that fits into the standard 30-pin connector of an iPhone and iPod touch. Together with MIDI Memo Recorder, a free app available for download at the Apple App Store, it offers MIDI musicians new options for performing, recording and data backup.

MIDI Mobilizer is compatible with millions of pieces of classic and modern MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface), including synthesizers, digital pianos, effects processors, and  Line 6 guitar amps and POD products. Virtually any gear with standard MIDI 5-pin DIN connectors can now be directly connected to an iPhone or iPod touch.

Line 6 sees three immediate uses for the MIDI Mobilizer:

  • MIDI Mobilizer can be used as a compact MIDI recorder for capturing performances anywhere. MIDI recordings  can be emailed as an SMF (Standard MIDI File) and opened and edited within virtually any Mac or PC-based digital audio workstation.
  • MIDI Mobilizer can also be employed as a safety net for performing musicians. During equipment failure, or when using rented gear for a gig, MIDI parameter data stored on an iPhone or iPod touch can be imported into replacement keyboards or other MIDI equipment to quickly restore the exact settings and sounds needed. MIDI Mobilizer is the most portable and affordable solution for transferring MIDI information.
  • MIDI Mobilizer also can be used as a portable MIDI playback device.

Any developer can create apps that work with MIDI Mobilizer – see the FAQ’s below.

MIDI Mobilizer will ship April, 2010.

MIDI Mobilizer FAQs

What is MIDI Mobilizer?

MIDI Mobilizer is a MIDI interface that connects your MIDI gear to your Apple iPod or iPod touch. MIDI Mobilizer lets you play, record, and backup MIDI information any time, any place.

Will there be more applications for MIDI Mobilizer?

Although no additional applications are being announced at this time, several creative application developers have explored how different apps could make use of a MIDI interface on an iPhone or iPod touch.

What are some compatible devices?

That’s a big list. It includes every MIDI-capable keyboard, amp, effect, and miscellaneous piece of audio gear since MIDI was introduced, in 1983.

Does MIDI Mobilizer come with MIDI cables?

Yes, it comes with a pair of five-foot, five-pin Planet Waves MIDI cables.

How does MIDI Mobilizer connect to my iPhone/iPod touch?

MIDI Mobilizer plugs into the 30-pin connector on the bottom of your iPhone/iPod touch. Two Planet Waves cables (each with a 2.5mm 3-conductor jack on one end, and a standard MIDI 5-pin DIN jack on the other) connect MIDI Mobilizer to the MIDI device of your choice.

Can I use MIDI Mobilizer to control synthesizer applications or play other music apps on my iPhone?

This is technically possible, but would require software updates to each application in order to communicate with MIDI Mobilizer. Additionally, the developer of the application would need to become a Line 6 MIDI Mobilizer developer in order to be given the development tools, and allow Line 6 to publish their MIDI Mobilizer-enabled version (currently, all applications for a hardware accessory must come from the same publisher).

If there’s an application you’d like to see work with MIDI Mobilizer, please have the developer contact MMdeveloper [at] line6.com for more information.

What MIDI data can the MIDI Memo Recorder application record?

MIDI Memo Recorder will capture and record all MIDI data that can be stored within a Standard MIDI File, which includes all performance information (notes, controllers, pedals, pitch bend, after touch, etc) as well as any System Exclusive data (usually the parameter values of a keyboard or effect unit’s sounds and settings). It does not record System Real Time messages, which include Active Sensing and MIDI clock and control, since these are also not recorded (or needed) in Standard MIDI Files.

All data received is time-stamped to one millisecond accuracy in order to preserve very accurate timing of all MIDI events.

How many Memos can I have in MIDI Memo Recorder?

Virtually unlimited. Since the iPhone and iPod touch have very large amounts of memory, and MIDI data is very small, running out of room is nearly impossible.

MIDI Memo Recorder makes it easy to rename, reorder and delete Memos in order to keep your information organized. You can also offload your Memo recordings to a computer via email or via WiFi access.

Can I copy a MIDI file from my computer into MIDI Memo Recorder?

This can be accomplished by simply playing any MIDI file out your computer’s MIDI interface and right into MIDI Mobilizer, and record the data directly into MIDI Memo Recorder. It will capture and time-stamp all of the data, and be able to play it back exactly as it was received.

Can I use MIDI Memo Recorder without MIDI Mobilizer?

MIDI Memo Recorder can run without MIDI Mobilizer; however it won’t be possible to send and receive MIDI data (since this requires a hardware interface). MIDI Memo Recorder will temporarily display a message that the MIDI Mobilizer is not connected, but this can be dismissed in order to use MIDI Memo Recorder’s other functions (i.e., emailing already recorded Standard MIDI Files, renaming, moving, or deleting Memos, etc).

Can anyone develop applications that talk to MIDI Mobilizer?

Any developer who complies with Apple’s developer requirements and signs up with Line 6 as a MIDI Mobilizer developer can develop applications for MIDI Mobilizer. Contact MMdeveloper [at] line6.com for more information.

MIDI Memo App Videos

MIDI Memo App for MIDI Mobilizer – Record/Playback

MIDI Memo App for MIDI Mobilizer – Back Up Settings and Patches


MIDI Memo App for MIDI Mobilizer – Add Your Settings to Replacement/Rental Gear

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  1. Hi, I am a student at UWE and am looking to use this in my final year project and should shortly be receiving the Midi Mobilizer SDK. I would just like to know of any developments with creating a synthesizer using the midi mobilizer, if there is anyone i can be put in touch for help and advice that would be great.

    thanks nick

  2. Looks like a great idea, and I might get one though I suspect that the main software mentioned (Midi Memo) is very basic. Seems you can’t overlay sequences/tracks to build up arrangements. And I wonder whether MIDI Memo allows you to set the MIDI receive channel on your iphone/ipad?

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