The Chamberlin Rhythmate Loop Drum Machine

This is a video demo of a very rare Chamberlin Rhythmate – an early, if not the first, drum machine ever produced.

The Chamberlin Rhythmate, designed by Harry Chamberlin, was based on magnetic tape loops. The tape head inside the Rhythmate can be switched to choose from a selection of recorded loops. Tempo can adjusted also.

Chamberlin also created the Chamberlin keyboard, the precursor to the more widely known Mellotron.

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4 thoughts on “The Chamberlin Rhythmate Loop Drum Machine

  1. I found a 1960s Rhythmate in the garbage. It worked fine for quite a while until one of the tapes began feeding out of the back of the machine, so I stopped using it. Not sure if this is an easy repair for someone who knows what they’re doing…also don’t know what it’s worth, but would be interested to find out. Jim at [email protected]

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