John Bowen Synth Design Solaris Demo

Synth pioneer John Bowen demos the Solaris synthesizer at Musikmesse 2010.

Bowen’s vision for the Solaris:

From the beginning, the singular mission for Solaris has been to create nothing less than John Bowen’s personal vision of the ultimate, dream-come-true synthesizer. A vision that draws upon more than three decades of experience in synthesizer design with legends like Moog Music, Sequential Circuits, the Korg Wavestation series and renowned software synthesizers for the original Korg OASYS and Creamware Scope platforms.

It’s a vision to create a truly musical instrument masterpiece that is shared with some of the world’s foremost synthesizer connoisseurs like film composer Hans Zimmer, who is renowned for always seeking the utmost in sound creation capabilities.

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