iHolophone Free: Happy Birthday edition

This is a quick demo of iHolophone Free: Happy Birthday edition – there’s an iPhone music app in here somewhere…..

iHolophone Free is a stripped-down version of iHolophone that lets you get a feel for the app by playing Happy Birthday.

via AmidioInc:

The free version of iHolophone by Amidio is an amazing way to play the infamous “Hapy Birthday” tune. Learn to play it in a minute and you’ll always have an excellent gift even when you actually forgot to get the gift.

The correct sequence is (L=left HoloDisc, R=right HoloDisc, number is the number of lights on a HoloDisc sector)

L1 L1 L2 L1 L4 L3
L1 L1 L2 L1 R1 L4
L1 L1 R4 R2 R1 L4 L3 L2
R3 R3 R2 L4 R1 L4

When you master the basics, you can get to the more advanced features like:

1) Rotate device a little towards or backwards for note bends. The speed of the turn will make effect on the note bend speed
2) Change instrument by light shaking your device or tapping the note bend indicators.
3) Start/stop/queue the sequencer patterns by tapping the buttons outside the left HoloDisc.

Get the full version of iHolophone if you like this little but handy app!

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