The Nike Music Shoe (Video)

This video captures “a secret live performance that was held in Tokyo. Hifana is playing music with Nikes flexible running shoes, Nike Free Run+.”

This was a project of Daito Manabe. It appears that Manabe hacked the Nike+ sensors in these shoes so that they could be used as drum triggers. This is demonstrated by Japanese breakbeat artists Hifana.

You can check out what he has to say about it (automatic translation) below.

Daito Manabe on the Nike Music Shoe

I receiving plan, take charge of the sound part and the part which plays the value of the sensor.

As for installing the sensor and processing the shoes 4nchor5 La6 Yanagizawa.
Not to be wrong, with the part which really moves the hand
You think that Yanagizawa’s job was most serious. It is the fatigue!

Hifana enjoying, because you played, it was good truly.
When (they call the dull shim of the medium eye somewhere, that is my thing. .)

This, the customer [guniyoguniyo] bending with the exhibition, if it enjoys it is good being precision
It is the meaning which can be made the chestnut, but when it means the musical instrument which the percussion instrument player performs
With the meaning which at all is different, buffer size and lowering up to 16, sampling rate with as 96k
Decreasing the ray ten sea to very limit, the pliers the feeling that was usable.
As for doing although it is simple, CPU 12 connecting simultaneously with overfull, and the serial
Kernel panic heaven.
Putting in place defer and deferlow ringing, thread separately with vs just the inside of poly
Furthermore reducing buffer size, with the varieties it is to do, but
Correction on site being more than expectation, from the middle change to maxforlive.
As for max for live fumbling priority, as for the kind of air where the [imaichi] effect has not appeared doing
It probably is consequence of the air or. Without just a little understanding well it is the meaning which faces to photographing, but
It was good finishing without either big trouble. .

With, now at all by the fact that you say with another job in the midst of bitter fight. Tomorrow workshop.
Returning to the laboratory quickly, the [gori] [tsu] we would like to work.

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