Free Windows Guitar Synthesizer

SuperRiff Guitar and SuperRiff Bass are simple VST instruments that contain a limited set of custom electric and bass guitar single note samples for use in computer music production.

See for the free downloads.

If you’ve used either of the SuperRiff VSTi’s, leave a comment with your thoughts!

The idea with SuperRiff Guitar/Bass was to create a soundset of samples that contain the most basic ways of getting sound from a guitar (at least in the rock world) and to combine them in such a way that all they could be used to create a simple but reasonable rhythm/lead or bass guitar performance.

The basic guitar sounds mentioned are:

  • Palm-muted single notes.
  • Open string single notes
  • Vibrated single notes. (Not in Bass Version)

Each note on a keyboard from E1 to D5 (Guitar), E1 to E4 (Bass) can trigger these different sounds depending on which one of their velocity values is triggered.

The interface of both plugs allows access to some simple functions to add to the instruments performance such as an ADSR envelope, a reverb unit (guitar), a mono flanger unit (bass) and a “listen mode” which is described in full detail in the help file.

See myVST for more demo videos like this!

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