Aphex Twin Announces Summer Tour Dates, But Somehow Iowa Is Not On The List


Richard D. James has announced summer Aphex Twin tour dates.

Somehow, he left Iowa off the list:

  • 15th May Sat Metz @ Centre Pompidou France tickets
  • 26th May Wed Düdingen @ Kilbi Festival Switzerland tickets
  • 12th June Sat Rockness @ Scotland UK tickets
  • 28th Aug Sat London @ LED Festival (Victoria Park) UK tickets
  • 26th Sept Sun Ibiza @ Space Ibiza tickets

Alright Mr James – is it the Midwest weather or something?

Do George Straight and Elton John really want my soul more than you?

16 thoughts on “Aphex Twin Announces Summer Tour Dates, But Somehow Iowa Is Not On The List

  1. In America we have everything and nothing at the same time. I wish people in this country had a clue who Aphex Twin is.

  2. Yeah saying hey "have you heard that new Aphex Twin?" People will think you are talking about a part on your cars engine. Sad we have such a lack of appreciation for music without vocals not to mention electronic music that is mostly without vocals not to mention tweaked out crazy electronic music without vocals…. heh

  3. I miss his "I care because you do" mentality, he has become quite the conformist (by being copied so much, I guess)…still i would love to see him perform in Connecticut or NY!

  4. Did you see the line-up at the kilbi festival…and all that only for 1500 people…

    i just have to say wow!

  5. yeah I'm from Ireland and I'd like him to come here to but it's ok for me as he tours nearby. I think he's too clever to tour America. Americans need to get off their fat, apathetic asses and travel more. Maybe this will cause Americans to travel more.

  6. He's toured America alright, and he didn't always straight up DJ. I know because I saw him in 1997 with Luke Vibert…

  7. there are some of us here in the US who ADORE aphex twin, and would love to see him. we're not all retarded, fat, and ignorant, ya know. give me a break and stop with the elitist ranting..

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