5 thoughts on “Making Music With The iPad Plus Kaossilator Pro

  1. korg should come out with like a kaos pack for the Ipad
    like 3 modes,
    kasilator pro
    and dual mini kaoss (the screen would be split with the two mini kaoss products)

    think this would be fun, you could send ur electribe app into it, or itunes

  2. I also gotta say, it seems like touch devices are korgs specialty, I wasnt surprised to see them jump on the ipad, i mean look, 3 kaosspads, a kaoss mixer, 2 kaossilators, a touch ribbon on the electribes and a few other synths, the pad kontrol and nano pad both have touch squares, even the wave drum is like a giant touch sensor (ok some of those barely count but you get the picture)

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