26 thoughts on “Busking With Electronics

  1. ???

    I am sorry, but this is noise and in no way would I give money to hear that. Make something that most humans will enjoy and I bet you a studio full of gear that will be able to afford shampoo and a shower to keep it in.


  2. those roland samplers have an output on the front for headphones, he is likely using that to put through his pedals as the ones on the back of the unit are only RCA.

    I like it.

  3. Those of you who want to try busking out, check out buskingguide.blogspot.com

    It's one of my favorite ones – to the point and clear. I am proud to be a busker!

  4. It's both "nothing but noise" AND "a music jam"! ;-)> When pop music has stagnated, people have to try new things to discover sounds of interest. I think that's an Roland SP404, battery powered. So are the various pedals. It looks like the speaker is in that rolling cart?

    Not surprisingly, I have been a "synth busker" at times… you can get everything from oblivious passers by to those who are caught in interest. (My iPad Mantaray Guitar works pretty well for this! Also a Tenori – on…)

  5. I built the synth myself from a circuit bent guitar pedal. I do electronic music for shits. I'm not trying to prove anything. I'm just tripping out the cops. And lame people like those who hate on others trying to do something out of the norm. Eat acid fools

    Yours truly, Cop Car Bonfire

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