Five Reasons To Like The Vermona Perfourmer Synthesizer

Calvin Cardiod takes a look at five reasons to like the Vermona Perfourmer synthesizer.

The Vermona Perfourmer is a true analog synth, with four independent analog voices. Each of the four voices is identical, but has a full set of 18 knobs for tweaking. This lets you work with four completely separate sounds or combine them to create massive leads.

Here’s what Sound On Sound had to say about the Vermona Perfourmer:

I found Vermona’s Perfourmer refreshingly ‘out there’; it seems to have been created to be unlike anything else currently around. Exactly how you configure it, whether as a filter bank, as a series of individual monophonic synthesizers, or as a polyphonic or duophonic synth, is up to you. Unlike many instruments I have received for review over the years, understanding dawned in only a matter of moments — after which I hardly left it alone. And I obtained some great results, which it would not have been practical to tease from other gear — even my beloved MonoPoly.

The price is not ultra-budget compared with some recent synths, but then analogue technology is never going to be as cheap as a chunk of DSP, especially not when housed in a construction of this quality. The Perfourmer looks splendid but, better than that, it sounds fantastic. I suppose, in theory, its simplicity and general quirkiness should suggest a role as a ‘sequencing machine’ or ‘basic polyphonic synth’ but, somehow, it added up to far more than that for me. The pleasure of using it has remained constant over many weeks, and I find it a welcome departure from over-engineered, feature-packed instruments that invariably sound less impressive. If you get a chance to try one out, I think you’ll see what I mean. It’s more addictive than chocolate and just as fattening.

If you’ve used the Vermona Perfourmer – leave a comment with your thoughts on its best features!

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