Is This The Most Useful iPad Music App Yet?

iPad Music Software: Nick at Sonic State offers his take on the Saitara Software AC-7 Pro – a wireless remote DAW controller app for the iPad.

Nick consistently does some of the most thorough video reviews of music gear, but here’s another take on AC-7 Pro, via Jason Burns of philoking:

So – is AC-7 Pro + the Apple iPad all that?

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3 thoughts on “Is This The Most Useful iPad Music App Yet?

  1. Hey thanks for the headsup. AC-7 Pro is the most useful I've seen so far. As opposed to neat or cool or fun – this one is actually useful. I've still got a lot of others to look at of course.

    Nick @ Sonic

  2. he, check out this one. it comes out in may this year:

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