Lyle Mays’ Spectrasonics Jam Session


Free Music: Check out this very nice live virtual instrument improvisation by Lyle Mays (Pat Metheny Group) and world-class drummer Alex Acuña (Weather Report).

Mays lays down an improvisation with the Acoustic Bass from Trilian Total Bass Module and Omnisphere – both triggered in real-time from a MIDI’ed Grand Piano.

The jam is available as a free download at the Spectrasonics site.

More below.


In this video, Mays and Acuña perform an improvised duet, using the Doubled Fretless Bass from  Trilian Total Bass Module.

The final video in the series takes a look behind the scenes, and Mays offers his thoughts on improvising with Spectrasonics’ instruments.

All around, one of the classier promos that we’ve seen.

3 thoughts on “Lyle Mays’ Spectrasonics Jam Session

  1. Jeez – useless. How much better would this be with a real bassist? And then maybe use all that computing horsepower to do something interesting, rather than float bland pads under everything.

  2. Jeez – Such ignorance, with all due respect…
    Don't try to compare it with a real bass. Look at it as a new kind of instrument instead.
    Please try to look beyond your preconceptions…

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