Free Music From Trent Reznor – Theme From Tetsuo: The Bullet Man

trent-reznorTrent Reznor has taken a break from the bliss of married life to create the Theme From Tetsuo: The Bullet Man – and release it as a free download!

Here are the details on Reznor’s soundtrack work for The Bullet Man:

The producers spoke with Trent Reznor on the phone in January of last year, and Trent was eager to create the track. However, he did not send a song for a long time. When the Tetsuo camp heard about the Wave Goodbye shows, they had all but given up on this track.

In February of 2010, Trent suddenly sent the song – and the song was, of course, fantastic! They were more than happy to redo the ending again and include the song!

The track mixes elements of Reznor’s recent Ghost release and his Nine Inch Nails work.

Check it out below and leave a comment with your thoughts!


via Some Kind Of Awesome

5 thoughts on “Free Music From Trent Reznor – Theme From Tetsuo: The Bullet Man

  1. I could have composed and recorded that! Which is, of course, precisely why Mr Reznor is a recognized talent and this piece of music is so good.

    Damn! Now I'll have to go home and beat him to his NEXT composition…

  2. this track is absolutely gorgeous and ugly. the brass drop at 2:35 is so cool! i've wanted more brass in NIN songs ever since "pilgrimage".

    as for reznor – it's kinda funny, in 2005 when he resurfaced live, he was buff as an action figure. looks really chubby in this article photo. in the recent HTDA video and photos, he looks really skinny

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