Seeq-It Synthesizer Features 8-Stage Step Sequencer

Unatronics’ Seeq-it is a $195 square wave synthesizer with a built-in stepped sequencer.

There are 8 steps to the sequence, and each step can be set to a different pitch or turned off. LEDs on the front panel indicate the position and speed of the sequence as it moves in a circle. A 2nd low-frequency oscillator can be used to modulate the output pitch, resulting in additional tones and rhythms. A built-in resonant lowpass filter allows for fat frequency sweeps and tone control.

Seeq-it’s sound is reminiscent of both 8-bit video games and classic techno sequencers. The pitch output ranges from very high to very low, earth-shaking bass frequencies.

There is a Control Voltage input/output on the back for an external clock, to aid you in synchronizing Seeq-it to other drum machines and sequencers. An Audio modulation input allows you to plug in a Beep-it or other hot-signal source for interesting frequency-modulation effects. One 1/4″ output allows Seeq-it to connect to external amplifiers, effects, and recording devices.

See the Unatronics’ site for details.

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