Korg iElectribe Update

iPad Music Software: Korg’s Rich Formidoni is back with an overview of the new version of Korg’s iElectribe, a software Electribe for the Apple iPad:

This update adds the ability to transfer audio from the iElectribe app into a MAC or PC via iTunes, using CD quality wav files. This feature ultimately allows you to use iElectribe patterns and performances in your DAW or video editing software.

Current iElectribe owners can update for free.

9 thoughts on “Korg iElectribe Update

  1. Does anyone else feel like computers are being left out?
    I would love these cheap apps for my computer! They should have an iTunes app store for computers! or atleast the jailbreak team should give us a way to port..

    Im just jealous and feel left out of all of this iPad fun.

  2. I have an iPad and the electribe app, as well as the original hardware er-1.

    In all honesty, the sound is near identical. The software is missing a few functions, and the lack of real knobs can make it annoying to work with sometimes.

    After a few weeks of owning it, I have decided to sell me er1. Due to the wav export function, the iPad app is actually easier to use in a production for me. I can build loops on the go, and then audition them later as loops in the studio. Super fun!

    Lazlo is right. Korg would make a killing on an er1 plugin for audio units. I'm personally hoping they come out with a super electribe app… Like reason but with er1, ea1, and esx modules… Might as well dream big…

  3. I would love to see this app available for the PC too. Though if you want areal pro level groove box Id recommend the maschine. 100% pure awesome with that authentic NI clarity of sound.

  4. Domi,
    Try change the knob setup in settings from ‘rotary’ to ‘linear’. It’s easier to get the level of preciseness needed for some of the parameters.

  5. Kk100, just did… thanks it worked!

    Techno, you are right man. I own one. I got the new OS for maschine (the first OS sucked) , and decided to sell my mv-8800 almost a week later… it really is awesome…

  6. Domi maybe you can help me I have ielectribe and have made a few beats I would like to use on looptastic HD do you know to do this it says I can only import .loops how do I make my beats into .loops

    1. not sure but it's probably a proprietary file extension….

      iElectribe will only export the audio as .wav so unless there is conversion software available I'm not sure….

      i don't own looptastic but if it has an option to import audio, it should read .wav

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