16 thoughts on “Impressive DIY MIDI Controller – The Station

  1. Holy shit! Nothing about this thing seems DIY or homemade at all. How in the world do you go about building something of that scale and complexity?

  2. That is just plain freakish. Who builds something like this that isn't already super famous for either being a designer of gear or a musician? I mean WOW.

  3. Very impressive, but why is it that everyone who builds these fantastic monsters, always seem to produce the most uninspired sounds. Maybe it's just demo music.

  4. @Ander. I hear you. Didn't mean to hate on you either. Just that I always hope for some music that's just as inventive as the hardware, and it seldom is.

  5. Impressive indeed…now post an impressive price for the components and the building instructions please…

  6. Yeah, that is because there is little time and creativity left for the music while you are busy building. That's why I locked my soldering equipment away now.

  7. Looking for something just as you have here that can work a smooth with a software with Reason Record that can control this $50,000 virtual mixer and then can be changed in midi to
    more of a DJ/Musician/Engineer/Producers Dream… Hey that would be a great name.
    I Would totally love this thing man.. and I know many others what would as well so GET IT OUT THERE MAN!!!
    AGAIN!! Would be the perfect match for Reason or Reason Record's insane Mixer.. http://www.DJSupplies.com wants one

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