The World’s First Turntable Controller – Quickswitch

This is the first look at Quickswitch, the world’s first turntable controller.


Quickswitch allows users to control any software without having to touch the computer. Quickswitch allows users to perform normally impossible tricks with lightning fast speed and accuracy. Quickswitch turns your computer to an engine running in the background, and allows you to focus on your instrument.

This video shows the original prototype version & extension modules.

6 thoughts on “The World’s First Turntable Controller – Quickswitch

  1. I totally agree. So controlling 21st century technology with equipment that was invented in the previous century is revolutionary? What am I missing here…

    I get it if you’re spinning vinyl, but to control digital sound? I’ve always found that a bit bizarre. Maybe ok for the crowd that is coming from the turntable era. But the new kids on the block are not buying turntables anymore…

    Also, controlling music with turntables is very limited (that’s just my opinion – unless you’re a scratch master of course…but for us mere mortals…it’s just loop stop loop stop…). Personally I’m more excited about the development of multi-touch, where any gesture can be mapped to control music. I can imagine that screens will become so flexible that we can apply them to any surface to control data. Not to mention that this data would also be able to control video & light. But turntables? Let’s move on…

  2. I don't quite get what's going on here. Is he just triggering cue points and loops? What's the advantage of this over a custom-mapped Korg Nanopad? And the website offers no information on what it is, what it does, or even any pictures.

  3. Not a completely pointless move. Many of our students are still using turntables, especially the hip hop heads. they're always looking to push their skills and would have a field day with this. it seems like very early stages for this at the moment but some fairly promising features on hand. saying this though I wouldn't say it's revolutionary, so am not going to get too excited.

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