18 thoughts on “World’s First iPad Keytar DJ Thing – Because Gadget Music Is The New Punk Rock!

  1. Maybe both!

    I'm not that impressed with his demo – but that thing looks like it would be a lot of fun to play.

  2. why was Candy Wrapper's comment deleted? can you guys not handle someone making fun of mr. vjfranzk or what?

  3. How the F**K is spending $600 on an apple product punk rock?
    please tell me
    I hate to give negative feedback
    but this is insulting

    Id maybe consider giving circuit bending the title of new punk rock
    and noise music is definitely modern jazz

    but in no way shape or form is an Ipad punk rock

  4. I don't think the post meant to imply say this guy IS gadget music. He's done something cool and well thought out. If you want something that works and looks good why not pay to have it. That's America FTW! I do agree using gadgets is the new punk rock. We can tell already something is boiling under the lid when people are arguing about it. JMO, but pre-fab or home made don't matter. Its all a continuum of gear. The Mini-Moog was the iPad of its day. Having fun making your own sounds is all that matters.

  5. nope, this is whack, being a musician is creating music, so whatever you play whether it be a guitar, synth, iPad or hitting two sticks together you come at it in a musical way, this guy is just mashing a couple of kaoss products and an iPad at random and calling it gadget music. No matter what people say not just anyone can be a musician, you either have an inclination towards it or you dont, and this guy does not it the least. stick to VJing and leave the music to the people who know how and have a real passion for it and arnt in it just because its all of a sudden hip to be into music.

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