Drum Gloves Let You Drum On Anything

Beat on the Block is a set of set of drum gloves that are designed to let you drum on anything.

The system is made up of a gloves paired with a backpack speaker system with a built-in looping system. The move below captures the prototype for the drum gloves in action:


Beat on the Block was created during a school project by: Kristo De Pooter, Arnoud den Besten, Sam Vesters, Thomas Leterme at the Artesis University college of Antwerp, Belgium May 2010.

via designboom, Arnoud

13 thoughts on “Drum Gloves Let You Drum On Anything

  1. The concept is awesome. Probably a lot better then using a keyboard plus the picture makes it look soooo cyberpunk! Was it off beat because it doesn't work right yet, or because all those guys are just bad at drumming?

  2. Probably soung great in the hands of a real drummer…
    Bass drum on the right hand and snare on the left hand.. If its not set up right good luck makin it sound good.

  3. Im so pissed! I had a flash of inspiration today and thought of the same idea! I checked the internet when I got home to see if it had already been done and you guys beat me to it by only months!!! Well good luck on it! Are you selling it to any big companies?

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