Whoa! It’s An iPhone MPC – NanoStudio!

iPhone Music Software:  Check this mutha out!

Blip Interactive’s NanoStudio is a music app for iPhone which combines sampling, synthesis, sequencing and mastering. Kind of like an iPhone MPC!

No pricing or availability date have been announced yet, unfortunately.

Take a look at the video and let me know what you think! Details on NanoStudio below.


Record your ideas in real time, mix synth layers with samples, compose and arrange your tune using the powerful sequencer and bring the mix alive with real time effects such as reverb, waveshaping and delay. You can use your own samples or record them using the microphone. NanoStudio’s low latency audio engine is custom engineered for iPhone, capable of delivering an amazing 48 voice polyphony in CD quality stereo.


Introducing Eden, NanoStudio’s versatile synth. Eden creates analogue sounds ranging from deep basslines and fat pads all the way up to squealing 303 lines and heavily distorted leads. Each voice has 2 anti-aliased oscillators modulated in mix, ring or sync configurations fed into a low, band or high pass 2 pole resonant filter.

Eden’s virtual patchbay allows you to connect 3 envelope generators and 4 beat-sync LFO’s to create modulation mayhem. Real-time performance becomes a truly interactive experience with dual X/Y controllers, accelerometer input and a pitch bend wheel, all totally configurable via the patchbay. Controller movements can be recorded and edited using the sequencer

It doesn’t stop there. NanoStudio allows you to use 4 synths simultaneously, each with its own insert effects such as waveshaping, chorus and delay. Create complex sonic textures using multi-mode to layer up to 4 different voice presets. When you want to go beyond basic oscillators, load up a sample and process it just like a normal synth voice – great for mashing up vocals or even the whole mix.

When you’re ready to get really creative, NanoStudio allows you to resample its own output and trigger the sample via the pads or keys, freeing up synths and effects to add even more sonic goodness to your composition.

Trigger Pads

Record samples using the built in microphone, resample NanoStudio’s own output or upload your own samples over Wifi using the NanoSync tool for PC and Mac. Edit your samples using NanoStudio’s built-in wave editing tools and trigger them using the 16 pads. Adjust pitch, pan, volume and envelopes and assign each sample to one of the 3 output busses, each with its own effect and filter setup.


Record performances in real-time using the keys and sample pads or create patterns and controller sweeps by drawing them in the piano roll editor. Arrange your patterns into a complete song using the track editor. Edit to your heart’s content while the song is playing and rest assured that every editing and recording operation has multiple undo/redo.


Use Nanostudio’s intuitive mixer to monitor levels and get your final mix just the way you want it. The mixer’s two global effects sends allow you to individually apply reverb and delay effects to each track.

When you’re ready to share your mix with others, and use NanoSync to copy the exported .wav file to your PC or Mac over Wifi.

via BlipInteractive

17 thoughts on “Whoa! It’s An iPhone MPC – NanoStudio!

  1. My take on the Akai Synthstation is that because they're a hardware company they view their iPhone app as a way to sell their hardware. They said at one point that they'd provide a way for other iPhone developers to use their keyboard so imagine this app coupled to Synthstation – boss!

  2. Looks/Sounds like 'Blip' has done a stellar job with this app. I, however, am NOT interested in this kind of serious app on my iphone/tiny screen. IMHO this should be launched as an IPAD app.

  3. It does look like tons of fun for music / beat makers, and I also agree it should be on iPad–but both on iPhones AND iPads. The availability on iPhone is a must, and on iPad, a plus pus plus plus.

  4. Definitely a job for the iPad. Too bad you don't have velocity sensitivity on the iPad, then this would KILL.

  5. I was already disappointed that the AKAI product, (STILL not even released!), had NO sampler, and on top of that such a toyish looking sequencer. If this app works as well as it says it will be god, and beatmaker et al will hopefully learn a valuable lesson. Move your ass, give your fans what they want, what they need, or lose your market superiority. I for one can't wait for this!

  6. It's brilliant! Sounds fantastic and is very intuitive in use. I highly recommend it! You can even download a free version for Mac/PC from the website to preview before you buy.

  7. It is really very good – I'm still finding it difficult to believe the sounds I'm getting out of it. It's logically thought out, runs silky smooth and seems rock solid. Being 'limited' to 16 samples and 4 synths actually increases productivity – been making loads of music. Could do with copy/paste but they say that's in the 1st update

  8. I just got this app last night for my iPad, I was hesitant, but it works GREAT on the iPad . . . I was weary of the $15 investment, but it is worth sooooo much more, no kidding. Synths are smooth, file system is good, and the programming is really deep. Sound quality is out of this world. Go to the nanostudio website and listen to the demos, they are real and they are good. Because it can take your own loops/sounds you can get some really great compositions out of it. Try it out, you will not regret it.

  9. Jeez some of you guys!
    This is like crazy power for less than a tenner and still you are talking about buying it like you have to save up for a year.
    When I started out all I had was 4 track tape playing a dx 100 live no sequencer and now we have all this for pounds!
    Amazing and exciting.

  10. I have been playing with this app on my Iphone set inside a akai synthstation 25 for about 4 hours flying from Amsterdam to Sharm el Sheik. My dream came true: I was actually writing, composing, beatproducing and having fun on something so small I could still breathe inj a low budget airline seat! Later on the beach, in the restaurant, at night on the balcony. And you know what: It sounds pretty decent, and there is enough mixing possibilities to toy around with for someone like me who is more a producer than a musician! Thumbs up!

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