13 thoughts on “Fatboy Slim Demos His New iPhone DJ App

  1. Do… I… get… the… distinct… impression… that Mr Slim may not have written this app entirely by himself? Or is he constantly surprised and delighted by everything he sees, hears and touches?

  2. Of course he haven't written this app….since when he is a programmer? I could think the same for several other artists with iPhone apps…even for Brian Eno. The most possible scenario is that they hire a programmer to make whatever app they have in their minds and then, they use their name to promote it.. Eeeeasy money for them, smiles from their fans…

  3. A question to iPhone users: Is there actually any of those application with an artist's name ontop worth any money? All those mixing and DJing applications seem to me rather unusable compared to digital mixing software like Traktor. Are they just toys or applications for real music making or DJing like some people insist?

  4. Eno's apps are interesting, but leave you wanting more.

    Apps like Fatboy Slims & BT's seem to me to be a new format for delivering music, rather than a new platform for DJing.

  5. There is something interesting about delivering music in a way that permits variations of the source material, especially when the user interaction uses modern technology to achieve a whole new experience. It all reminds me a bit of MODs and executable music, but with a pretty user interface. I do believe however that interactive applications as a means of distributing music are mostly for secondary utilisation of the source material and probably remain so in the future taking into account all of the music available. Sort of like the big revolution of serialism that never happened.

  6. It is what it is, a $2.99 djing app for the casual fan to play around with. Downloaded it there and it actually very good fun.

  7. haha. he's pretty cute with that iphone. i'm actually getting rid of mine soon. returning to using a phone as a phone, but I think it's great that people are developing and experimenting. that is the only way we discover new things.

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