The Worst Electronic Music Tutorial Ever! Plus, Crumpet Sex!

We haven’t posted too many videos, recently, that could potentially scar your brain for life.

So, we thought we’d remedy the situation with this techno music tutorial, quite possibly the worst electronic music tutorial ever, featuring the ear-melting beats of Crumpet Sex.

Remember – use only black notes, because it makes it simpler and people will think you’re cooler.

via Onision

27 thoughts on “The Worst Electronic Music Tutorial Ever! Plus, Crumpet Sex!

  1. I just thought it wasnt executed very well. The idea was good but the 5 minute premise I brought up was that he didnt really execute any of his directions very well. Its like were praising highschoolers for their activities done while they were bored.

  2. This is frickin' awesome.. OK, I will admit to feel kinda funny here. When "cool" movies show up I sometimes get very critical, and when uber "bad" movies come up I love 'm 😉

    Seriously; its over the top, sure. But that's part of the act. I love it. I've seen "well known" stand up comedians seriously trying to be funny which made me think 'dude, you're overdoing it' but this guy puts up a very nice act..

    "Add some random notes to the beat so HOPEFULLY….".. This is funny 🙂

  3. This is like something a friend of mine would make in high school and then I would have to lie when he asked what I thought of it. It's not even worth posting on this site.

  4. I think this idea would have been better if it was done Tom Cosm style, where its looks legit, but when its done you get the shitty "tekno" song. Like the bizarro-Cosm

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