Mellotronics M3000 HD – The $12 iPad Mellotron

iPad Music Software: Streetly Electronics, designers and manufacturers of the Mellotron and Omenie, creators of Ellatron for iPhone and iPad, have announced their first joint development, Mellotronics M3000 HD.

Here’s what they have to say about it:

The Mellotronics M3000 features 13 voices sampled from Streetly Electronics’ production tapes. These are the same tapes that featured on Strawberry Fields Forever, Nights in White Satin, Watcher of the Skies and other classic records.

All 35 notes of each tape set are sampled. All 35 keys are on-screen and available at once, so anything that can be played on a Mellotron can be played on the M3000. In fact the M3000 is even more flexible than a true mellotron because it includes Ellatron’s 12 programmable chord pads. The M3000 also supports 4 in-memory voices at one time, with independent keyboard and chordpad voices. The inclusion of a rich, spacious onboard reverb unit allows the M3000 to be used as a recording or performance instrument with no outboard effects chain.

Martin Smith of Streetly Electronics, says “I was amazed to hear our classic sounds coming out of the iPad. This is the truest, most playable digital mellotron for iPhone OS, and it has to be heard to be believed.”

The Mellotronics M3000 will be available starting June 14th for the iPad for $11.99 and shortly thereafter for iPhone and iPod Touch.

via OmenieSoftware:

Here’s a short ‘How to use it’ guide with no words – just watch and learn. And with an added twist – this isn’t just a ‘How to use it’ video, it’s a personal challenge. Like scaling Everest, but using just your fingers. Maybe not quite like scaling Everest to be honest, but – just like the previous ‘Strawberry Fields for Ella’, I set myself the following challenge – can a total non-pianist have a shot at probably the most iconic Mellotron song ever (as opposed to the most iconic Mellotron intro ever!) using just one finger and the M3000’s chord pads.

See what you think – the solo isn’t quite right, but honestly, you have no idea how many takes I had to do to get it this close. Next time I want to make a video, I am renting me a pianist. And maybe some dancing girls too.

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  1. It works for me. I worked on Rick Wakemans crew back in the day so I remember how heavy, unmanageable and unbalanced they were to carry. The, once plugged in they needed to be coaxed alive and the output carefully tweaked to get rid ofcthe extra tones. So, now in my 50s, a Mellotron in my iPad that works and can be carried in my daybag gets my vote. Now can we please have a MIDI so it can be flayed with more feelings and more fingers

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