Gary Numan’s 80’s 7-Up Jingles – Lost In Time Like Tears In Rain

In 1982, American-based 7-UP got in touch with a UK agency to get a 30 second tune made by someone who was “happening” at the time to advertise their drink.

So the agency contacted Gary Numan and offered a £10,000 deal, so he recorded 3 pieces of music, with lyrics supplied by them.

When the recordings were sent to the Americans they had not heard any music like this, and they were expecting something in a punk style, as that had just arrived over there, so these recordings were never used.

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11 thoughts on “Gary Numan’s 80’s 7-Up Jingles – Lost In Time Like Tears In Rain

  1. I've seen things you people wouldn't believe. Attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion. I watched c-beams glitter in the dark near the Tannhauser Gate.

  2. this was an awesome find!!! props to the finder and thx much… it's too bad they didn't use the material because it rocks and especially for 1982 🙂 the very year i was born during, which is completely besides the point… still… lol

  3. That was wicked cool. I think I'll audio rip that and remix!

    The best part is that his vocals pushes his unique style to the front and makes the lyrics partly unintelligible, so the fact that it's an ad jingle kinda becomes second. Working with these tracks (or I would say ONE track with three lyrical variations) seems more legitimate and less sell-out. It's not like remixing a Big Red Gum commercial or something else so overtly capitalistic.

    Here's to Gary for, even when doing a corporate jingle, kept it (mostly) real! Love it.

  4. Don't know if source audio is available for this but I've used this site before to rip the YouTube audio.

    All you do is paste in the video URL and it spits out the audio from it. The site is one of those sites, though, where they've got ads absolutely everywhere on the page.

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