Kilpatrick Audio Eurorack Modular Synthesizer

Kilpatrick Audio has announced a new modular synthesizer line :

Kilpatrick Audio is developing a full line of modular synthesizer components in the Eurorack format. These include enclosures and power supplies, as well as a complete range of modules and controllers, starting with the K4815 Pattern Generator.

This unique module explores new ways of creating melodies, rhythms and control signals. The K4815 will be available in early June 2010.

Details on the first two modules below.

K4815 Pattern Generator

Eurorack CV and MIDI Pattern Generator

A unique and exciting first offering from Kilpatrick Audio into the modular synthesizer world. The K4815 explores rhythmic and melodic creation in a whole new way.

K1600 MIDI Converter

Eurorack MIDI Converter

Unlock the power of your modular with the K1600 MIDI Converter from Kilpatrick Audio. Expands other Kilpatrick Audio MIDI-compatible modules, and offers CV, gate, trigger and clock outputs. (10 in total) A unique, compact and flexible module that will be at home in any system.

3 thoughts on “Kilpatrick Audio Eurorack Modular Synthesizer

  1. I agree with the first poster, got the chance to play with it in a store in Toronto. The patterns are useless, unless your making 70's emerson lake + Palmer cheese. It's obvious that the designer has no experience with modern electronic/dance music. I'll take my DAW + Motu VOLTA thank you!!!
    Don't waste your time or money on this stuff, tried the other modules and they're not up to par either. Very amateur/DIY in both build and sound.

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