Jordan Rudess Announces MorphWiz Contest

Jordan Rudess has announced a contest for MorphWiz, his new iPad synth.

Here’s what he has to say about the contest:

Take MorphWiz with you to an exotic, crazy location and express your personal joy and excitement! over the app.

If you are not yet a MorphWiz owner, that’s OK- feel free to print out and use this cool pic we created!

Submit your video response to this video by August 1st. You can add a video response by leaving a comment for this video and clicking on the “Attach a video” link.

The person who generates the most views by August 10th will win a private 30 minute Skype/AIM session/lesson with Jordan, as well as a signed MorphWiz T-Shirt.

Good luck to all and may the power of the wizard be with you!

Maybe it’s just me, but I’m thinking that some sexier prizes could help this contest.

5 thoughts on “Jordan Rudess Announces MorphWiz Contest

  1. As this is an app that is fast becoming one of my favorites, I might consider entering – just for the opportunity to interview Mr. Rudess.

  2. So lots of people spend hours and hours of their time marketing Rudess's product for 30 minutes of his own time?


  3. I love MorphWiz. I have had more fun with that in the last few days than with most of my gear over the years. I will be bringing the iPad with me storm chasing, maybe I'll get a video of my playing it next to a tornado.

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